More Freedom, Less Government.

Tina Goodrick is a Constitutional Conservative who will fight big government and protect your inalienable rights. She will stand up for fiscal responsibility, slash unnecessary laws and government programs that cost you money and interfere with your freedom, and will not back down when it comes to your constitutional rights. Tina believes that the solution to many of the problems facing our state is simple: more freedom, less government. 

Empowering Small Businesses.

A common misunderstanding is that Republicans are the party of big business. The truth is, big business loves big government. Giant out-of-state corporations benefit from government deals, and use the government as a tool to destroy their smaller competitors, by bombarding them taxes and costly regulations- things that they can afford, but new entrepreneurs and small locally-owned businesses cannot. Tina Goodrick will ensure that small businesses are able to compete on an even playing field, by eliminating unnecessary regulations, cutting taxes, and voting against corporate welfare deals. 

Reducing Taxes and Spending

As President Calvin Coolidge once said, “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery”. Tina Goodrick believes that your tax dollars should only be spent on things that are absolutely necessary to the Constitutional functions of the government. She will fight to cut wasteful, unnecessary spending and pass the savings on to the taxpayers. Tina will never vote to raise your taxes. 

Standing With Our Farmers

Agriculture is the #1 industry in the State of Missouri, and our economy depends on Missouri farmers. Tina Goodrick believes that Missouri agriculture must not be hindered by unnecessary burdens, and that when farmers succeed, our state succeeds. Tina is committed to keeping the government out of their way so the agriculture industry can thrive. 

Recent Flooding

Recently, our region was devastated by flooding, destroying homes, farms, and communities across Northwestern Missouri. While Tina Goodrick does believe in the importance of the environment, she calls on the federal government to put people first and prioritize our communities, and supports Congressman Graves’s efforts to ensure that poor federal management does not result in a flood of this magnitude again. 

Solving our Drug Epidemic.

The Federal Government has tried and failed to solve the drug epidemic. Forty years and a trillion dollars later, we are no better off. Opioid addiction afflicts our communities, leading to death, crime, and poverty. Missourians rot away in prison for nonviolent offenses such as marijuana possession, many serving longer sentences than violent offenders, and face limited job prospects once released, often leading them back to a life of addiction and crime. The federal government has failed to solve the problem. Tina Goodrick believes it is time for the State of Missouri to invoke it’s tenth amendment right to handle its own affairs, and treat the drug epidemic as a public health problem rather than a criminal justice problem. Getting addicts the help they need, rather than just locking them up, will give them a second chance to make a better life for themselves, and greatly reduce crime in our communities.

Protecting the Second Amendment.

Tina Goodrick believes firmly in the right to keep and bear arms, as protected by Article I Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution and Amendment 2 of the United States Constitution. Tina will not budge one inch when it comes to protecting that right, and will fight the radical left’s gun confiscation plots. Tina supports the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 1039) introduced by Rep. Jered Taylor in 2019.

Protecting the Rights of the Unborn.

Tina Goodrick is pro-life, and applauds the Missouri General Assembly and Governor Mike Parson on passing the Heartbeat Bill in 2019. This landmark legislation brings us one step closer to achieving the vision of America’s founders, a nation where the fundamental rights of all individuals to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are protected and prioritized.

Protecting Religious Freedom.

Tina Goodrick believes that the government should never interfere with your right to practice your religion, require you to violate your religious beliefs, or prevent you from worshiping in the manner of your choice. Tina is a Christian and believes it is possible to stand up for Christian values in the legislature while also maintaining the separation of Church and State.

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